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Senior User Experience Designer


I was hired by KBR as a Senior User Experience Designer to work for a DoD software factory known as Space CAMP. This role has sharpened my UI skills and allowed me to delve deeper into UX Research. I have already worked on several products within Space CAMP. The environment has allowed me to work with different sized teams, budgets, processes, stakeholders and end-users, each with their own set of UX/UI challenges.


  • Conduct user interviews to establish pain points, feature priority, and grow the team's domain knowledge
  • Facilitate usability tests to determine weak spots and miscommunications in the UI
  • Write surveys to receive quick feedback from higher quantities of users
  • Record findings and analyze UX Research results to affirm or reevaluate product roadmaps
  • Build/Rebuild design systems in Figma
  • Design high fidelity workflows for user stories
  • Create Figma clickable prototypes
  • Worked as a Balanced Team Lead (Design, Development, Project Management)
  • Contributed to product design teams of various sizes (1-5 designers)
  • Helped to facilitate process improvements on several product teams
  • Taught coworkers how to use Figma

Nate Marrs

Phone Number(719) 505-3781

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