User Experience for Real People

There are a lot of perspectives to address and stakeholders to please when designing the ideal solution for a feature or product. Businesses want to know how much it will cost (both in dollars and resources), and how much value they can expect to gain from the product. Developers want a better understanding of how they're going to build it, if it's even possible.

Ultimately, software is for end-users. They endure the mistakes we make and enjoy the value of our successes. I take great pride in crafting usable, equitable, intuitive and enjoyable solutions so that the end-user has the best experience possible.

UX Portfolio

The Tree Farm
Who 🞄 Tree Farm RFV, LLC What 🞄 Website Redesign
Shari Conley - Math Tutor
Who 🞄 US Navy What 🞄 Enterprise Web Application



CTA Inc.

May 2012 - Current

  • Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Senior Web App Developer
  • Quality Assurance
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Fluxlogic Studios

Fluxlogic Studios

May 2015 - Dec 2017

  • CTO & Co-Founder
  • Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Quality Assurance
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Gnome Spray Games


Oct 2010 - Apr 2015

  • CEO & Co-Founder
  • Lead Game Developer
  • Quality Assurance
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Nate Marrs

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